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About Mizlab

Mizlab was founded in 2014. Since then, we’ve built on our knowledge and creative success which has driven a large number of sale and leads for our very loyal customer base.

Our goal is to provide a high-level marketing service that will enable our clients to make educated decisions that will help their business grow and succeed.


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We have delivered fantastic results for small businesses on shoestring budgets and larger companies that require in-depth significant data analysis. Our core ingredient to our success has been following a process and keeping our customers informed, which has enabled our clients to make confident, educated decisions that increase profit.

  • Mizlab understands digital marketing & business needs
  • Budget Accountability and Ethical service
  • Results Focused Smart Approach to Marketing
  • We are always evolving with the digital landscape
  • Google Certified IndividualsBig Data Analysis 
  • SpecialistApproachable and easy to work for
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Working closely with part of the Google team in Sydney, helping us gain insights into different industry segments and resolve any account errors.