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Website Analysis Through Digital Intelligence

Website Analysis services are helping website owners understand web data and put together measurement strategies using Google Analytics and Adobe Web Analytics.
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Helping your business track meaning full data

Our first goal when conducting a website analysis on a new clients’ website is to understand your current KPIs and overall marketing objectives. From here we can suggest and talk about some options on tracking meaningful data and start to piece together your current website data collection process.

All Google Analytics & Adobe Web Analytics accounts need to be setup correctly to ensure accurate tracking of all SEM, SEO, EDMs, Social Media and traditional marketing traffic segments. Setting up attribution modelling will enable you to understand how these parts interact with each other and will help you make a strategic decision on increasing traffic and sales.

Our website analysis and website analytics setup are designed to keep you informed and in control of all your data, helping you make more informed educated decisions about growing your business.

Website analytics
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup
  • Analytics Conversion Setup
  • Fix Referal & Ghost Spam
  • Analytics Filter Setup
  • Website Data Analysis
  • Visitor Digital Intelligence
  • SEM SEO & Social Measurement