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How much does digital marketing cost with Mizlab?

As you’d expect, the answer is “it depends” - and as frustrating as that can be, it really does vary depending on your goals and your budget.

However, rather than leave you frustrated, we want to take the time to explain some of the many factors that contribute to the overall cost of our services, and at the end of this article, you should have a much clearer indication as to what these costs may be for you.
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Let’s look at some digital marketing cost examples…

Before we get stuck in, here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Everything we do is scoped and quoted based on the work required to achieve the best results
  • Based on the nature of the work and the pace in which the campaign progresses, the work and therefore the cost may vary from month to month. Any cost fluctuations will be brought to your attention at the earliest opportunity and approval sought
  • When budgeting for the work required, it’s important to allocate for costs associated with work other than driving traffic to your website, e.g. Live Chat, Copywriting, Video Production and reputation management.

Digital Marketing + Implementation Pricing

As part of the Digital Marketing packages offered by Mizlab, we help maximise the performance of your digital marketing and offer in-depth analysis on campaign performance to help you make more confident and educated decisions. This is achieved by:

  • Building your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Researching your buyers
  • Developing your campaigns
  • Email marketing & lead nurturing
  • Content marketing
  • Troubleshooting known issues
  • Monitoring your online performance
  • Conversion rate optimisation

In our consulting programs, you'll get:

  • Monthly in-depth reporting
  • Split-testing landing pages
  • Frequent consultation calls

But how much?

Our Digital Marketing pricing usually ranges from $379 - $900 per month. This depends on location, business size, budget size, the stage the business is currently at and the scope of the digital marketing you need guidance on. For example:

  • Content  and Conversion strategy
  • Buyer’s Avatar development
  • Email marketing strategy
  • And more

Google Ads Management Cost

As part of the Google Adwords Management services offered by Mizlab, we help maximise a positive ROI, monitor competitors’ fraud clicking, concentrate on lowering your ad cost per click and drive relevant traffic. This is achieved by:

  • Building your PPC Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Researching
  • Structuring your account for best performance
  • Split-testing ad copy
  • Troubleshooting known issues
  • Tracking your Google paid ads performance
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Optimising quality score

Using our Google paid ads services,  you'll get:

  • Monthly in-depth reporting
  • Ads optimised in line with Google’s best practices
  • Frequent consultation calls

But how much?

Our Google Adwords Management pricing usually ranges from $269 - $1200 per month. To maintain a healthy ROI, we can help recommend a maximised monthly Google ad click budget spend. Please note this is separate from the management fee listed above. Google Adwords Management pricing will vary based on total ad spend, amount of ads to be monitored as well as other factors, for example:

  • Keyword bid adjustments
  • Resolving Trademark infringements in ads
  • Split-testing site links
  • The frequency of budget adjustments
  • In-depth reporting
  • Type of remarketing
  • The network targeted
  • The ad formats used (video, text ads, banner ads, dynamic ads etc.)

Facebook Advertising Costs

How much does Facebook advertising cost with us? We offer a range of Facebook ad formats and targeting types that focus on driving cold, warm and hot audience traffic which is designed to drive sales and leads. This is achieved by:

  • Monitoring Facebook ad relevance
  • Monitoring Facebook ad frequency
  • Split test headlines
  • Split test audience
  • Retargeting relevant segmented audiences

Using our Facebook services,  you'll get:

  • Monthly in-depth reporting
  • Facebook Ads optimisation to reduce cost
  • Pixel setup and segmenting
  • Frequent consultation calls

But how much?

Facebook ad management pricing usually ranges from $269 - $799 per month. Depending on your monthly budget and the amount of content and ads that are required to run the campaign, the cost of this service varies accordingly.

Some other contributing  factors are:

  • Audience setup
  • Facebook Conversion setup
  • Running Competitions

Search Engine Optimisation Costs

As part of the Search Engine Optimisation services offered by Mizlab, we help maximise a positive ROI, improve ad position and help drive your website to the first page of Google. This is achieved by:

  • Building your SEO Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Researching
  • Local Search audits
  • Link Building
  • Content creation
  • Citation Audit & Cleanup Service

But how much?

Our Search Engine Optimisation pricing usually ranges from $595 - $1200 per month. Search Engine Optimisation is continually changing and evolving with each new algorithm that’s released. Depending on the current optimisation of your website will impact the work required and therefore the cost.

Some other contributing factors are:

  • The status of your website’s current optimisation
  • Internal linking structure
  • Current volume and quality of your links
  • Your website’s targeted industry
  • Current content status

Now that you know a little more about the contributing factors to the varying pricing of our services, if you would like find out more and get a detailed quote for your situation, please fill in the form below.

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