Understand Google AdWords Payment Options

Mitch Mizerak
June 26, 2017

How Google AdWords Payment Works

Are you running a Google Paid Ads, Through Google AdWords and Need to understanding how Google AdWords Payment options work? There are multiple ways to top up your Google AdWords account.

If you are currently running a Google AdWords campaign and are struggling to understand how the payments system works, read on and get full control over your payment.

There are basically two different payment options; manual payment and automatic payment.

Manual Payment

When you choose manual payment in your account. The payment method is pre-paid, which means you top up your account as you go and once the funds are used up your ads will stop showing. This method can be topped up with three different payment types- BPAY, direct bank deposit and with a credit card.


Automatic Payment

The Automatic Payment option is by far the easiest option to manage and once you know how this payment option works, it is the option of choice.

Google’s Automatic Payment method is post paid, which means you pay once you have spent the money.

But how much will Google charge me? Google uses a threshold system, which helps you make one big payment per month rather then multiple smaller payments. It usually takes a month or two for payments to stabilize but this will depend on the amount your spending per day.

Google charges you for this payment method either after your threshold has accrued or after 30 days from your last payment, whichever comes first.

The billing threshold is raised incrementally each time your account spend hits the threshold before 30 days have ended.


Fix a credit or debit card decline in AdWords

If you find your ads are not running due to a payment related issue in your AdWords account a good start is to check the below issues. Once you fix the payment issue and make a payment your ad will be eligible to run again within the hour:

  • Work out why the payment was declined
  • Were there insufficient funds on your credit card?
  • Is your bank experiencing technical difficulties?
  • Has your credit card expired?
  • Have you changed credit cards?

Finally, if you where unable to resolve your payment issue contact Google.

You can do this once you login in to your AdWords campaign and clicking on the help button in the top right corner.

For some more really useful information on How you pay for AdWords visit Google AdWords Payment help

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