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June 26, 2017
Google AdWords

Broad Match Modifier Generator

Are you running broad match keywords in your AdWords campaign and finding the CTR too high? A Broad Match Modified Generator Tool might be just what you need to save you money on each click and increase keyword relevant.

The broad match keyword Tool will add a "+" in front of each word in your keyword - Or in front of each specific keywords, your require.

What's great about this Google AdWords broad match modifier tool is, you can use it on a large list of keywords. This saves you time and speeds and allows you to target more specific keywords variations.

If you need help optimising your ads, and AdWords account we offer specialised Google AdWords packages that specifically target optimising keywords match types and AdWords performance.

Target the exact words in your keywords & stop unwanted click

Please click the image below to use the Broad Match Modifier Generator Tool:

Full credit goes to Marc Poirier - All the Guys at Acquisio are great!

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